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The Contemporary Ceramics Studio Association (CCSA) is the starting point for many that are considering opening their own Paint Your Own Pottery (PYOP) business. Membership to the CCSA allows you to access our complete online library of documents, photos, clip art, camera ready ads, networking with current owners and suppliers and much, much more. 

Opening your own business can be overwhelming.  Location, staffing, supplies, marketing and all the day to day items you need to check off your list.  We’re here to help.  The CCSA does not offer PYOP Consulting nor do we own studios; however every day we help over 700 pottery studios all over the world by supplying support, ideas, inspiration and education.  We can help put you in touch with Pottery Consultants, Suppliers and other Studio Owners who can help guide you down the path to opening your own Pottery Studio. 

If you’re ready to explore the option of starting your own pottery studio, joining the CCSA should be your first step. We’d like to give you our FREE Pre-Opening Guide for New Studios to get you started.   

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The CCSA offers those who want to learn how to open a PYOP access to all the benefits of a Paint Your Own Pottery Studio Member and you’ll also get our Retail Guide to Opening Your Own Paint Your Own Pottery Studio.  This guide is packed with step-by-step instructions, ideas, and tips written by PYOP Owners who have already walked down this path.  Who better to learn from than seasoned studio owners who have real world experience?


Are you ready to get serious about opening your own business?  Think a Paint Your Own Pottery Studio is for you?  Get started today with our Discovery Membership!  


Discovery Membership

Have you been exploring the possibilities of opening your own PYOP Studio?  Not sure where to start?  Whether it’s just a dream keeping you up at night or you’re well on your way to opening day, the Discovery Membership is the membership for you. 

The Discovery Membership includes a one year membership to the CCSA and our Retail Guide to Opening a Paint Your Own Pottery Studio. 

As a CCSA Member you’ll receive:

  • Access to our website which houses:
    • All the forms you will need for any studio – from press releases to hiring packets and everything in between. 
    • Press Release templates and instructions, Clip art, stock photos, Facebook cover photos, customizable fliers and many more marketing tools.
    • Webinars – recordings and presentations for projects and business matters.
  • The CCSA Today magazine 4 times a year – full of ideas, articles and inspiration.
  • Member Discounts for art suppliers, rental cars, office supplies, printing and much more!
  • Access to our private CCSA Facebook Chat site – where you can ask questions, get advice, get answers, network and interact with those who have walked this path your on.  You’ll also get access to our old chatter site with over 10 years of questions, direction, photos, forms, and other discussions between our members. 
  • Quarterly Camp Project Guides that include everything you’ll need to plan, start and run your camps.  These include clay, canvas, pottery, glass, mixed media and other projects with photos, project directions and estimated time and cost per camper.

You’ll also receive our Retail Guide to Opening a Paint Your Own Pottery Studio.  This guide is intended to give you a head start on opening a successful Paint-Your-Own Pottery (PYOP) studio.  Most answers found in this guide have been asked and answered by individuals interested in opening their own studio. It includes information on:

  • Writing a business plan
  • Picking a location
  • Negotiating a lease
  • Designing your studio
  • Staffing
  • Inventory and supplies
  • Marketing
  • Financial information from current CCSA Studio owners
  • Accounting systems
  • And much, much more

We'll also send you a complete list of supplier member Pottery Consultants that you can guide you down the path to opening your own studio.

The Discovery Membership is $375 and includes one year membership to the CCSA and the Retail Guide to Opening a Paint Your Own Pottery Studio – the guide alone is sold to non-members for $250 and to members for $125.  Enjoy the savings and all the benefits that come with purchasing the membership and the guide together.   


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Please note: Once your application is submitted online, your membership will become active within 48 hours.